The Parthenon is a temple dedicated the Greek goddess Athena, built in the 5th century BC on the Athenian Acropolis. It is contended that Phidias, the main Greek sculptor in charge of decorating the Parthenon, also knew about the golden ratio and its aesthetic properties. In fact, the Greek symbol for the Golden Ratio is named Phi (φ) because of  Phidias The golden rectangle, a rectangle whose length to width ratio is the Golden Ratio and considered the most pleasing to the eye, is almost omnipresent in the façade and floor plans of the Parthenon. The entire façade may be enclosed within a golden rectangle.

The ratio of the length of a metope and triglyph to the height of the frieze, as well as the height of the columns and stylobate to the entire height of the temple is also the golden ratio.

parteneongolden ratio

Phidias himself constructed many Parthenon statues that meticulously embody the golden ratio. He is also notable for his contributions to the Athena Parthenos and the Statue of Zeus. As with the Pyramids however, more recent historians challenge the purposeful inclusion of the golden ratio in Greek temples, such as the Parthenon, contending that earlier studies have purposefully fitted in measurements of the temple until it conformed to a golden rectangle.




The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. Plutarch attributed the belief to Plato, 427- 347 bC


writing that “Plato said God geometrizes continually”. In modern times the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss adapted this quote, saying “God arithmetizes”.

At least as late as Johannes Kepler (1571–1630), a belief in the geometric underpinnings of the cosmos persisted among scientists.

johannes kepler

According to Stephen Skinner, (Sydney, Australia, 1948)  the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein.

5 sacred geometry4 sacred geometry

Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry, for example, the chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape


Also, honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. These and other correspondences are sometimes interpreted in terms of sacred geometry and considered to be further proof of the natural significance of geometric forms

sacred geometrysacred geometry in nature

Geometric ratios, and geometric figures were often employed in the design of Egyptian, ancient Indian, Greek and Roman architecture. Medieval European cathedrals also incorporated symbolic geometry. Indian and Himalayan spiritual communities often constructed temples and fortifications on design plans of mandala and yantra.

Many of the sacred geometry principles of the human body and of ancient architecture have been compiled into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, itself based on the much older writings of the Roman architect Vitruvius.

el hombre de Vitruviovitruvio y nautilius



There is a function of Φ, which we´ll analyze now..Φ and ΦBonacci are the frame and the picture where Creation is contained : The Framework contains ΦBonacci structure in Φ and, all rhythms are modulated according to the proportions in all its interrelationships, octave by octave.
Creation as such is provided with its own auto control system to avoid the chaos of unassisted disproportion.
The unique piece of free will, says the Bible, is Man and he has not respected the rules as Genesis tells us and everything suggests that Man is a lousy ruler of his own codes.
We , men, giving evidence of Man, as a thinking exception, can suggest guidelines for salvation through Faith and Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Gautama, Confucius, Zoroaster and others were looking for the “centrum.”.
To us remains the surveillance of standards and codes
We place concerning patterns or elementary fusion, these parameters are a reference of static fixed proportion, that is Φ and other ΦBonacci reference as it´s dynamic.


These patterns accompany Man since the beginning of his erratic way
These are some of the diversions that have been produced
• hunger, increasing the level of-waters over land (global warming)
• changing climates, genetic alterations,
socio economic subjugation, the addiction as a method of submission and others still not perceived.
All this imbalance exclusively is due to Man´s attitude and is bad for Starting with Nature that beyond normal Darwinian evolution has kept its parameters, without forgetting,nor forgive the gradual extinction of some species.
Nature itself being a haven for preservation and consequently we find there the proportion of Φ and ΦBonacci in all its scope.


Thinking on the concept of scales, whether biological or of musical proportions (octaves,) it is evident that we are reaching a critical point and the quantum leap or just of “octave” is about to materialize or has already occurred (see: Merging)
The morphological tradition tells us that there are geometric figures, which from its beginnings and in its different cycles, Man has located, polished and venerated, for its intrinsic morphogenetic content.
The figures actually spoke.
They transmitted the energies that touched them, from its geological location within the Planet.
This balance between place and things is Φ (Phi) and when those were mobile, moved according to the second law of Φ is ΦBonacci.
Φ iconic loaded figures, both have aesthetic content, as magnetic potential.
The sum Σ of the iconic potential, forms the fussion, generating high energy transmission..In the last decades, Japanese scientists have investigated the hypothesis that physical manifestation is based on energy extracted from the magnetic field empty.
In his book: Paradigm of New- Science-Principia for the twenty -First Century, the Japanese scientist dr. Shiuji Inominata proposes that the vacuum state is an energy field, in which consciousness integrates with electromagnetic and gravitational forces to create matter.

His theoretical model explains transmutations that energy is the demonstration of the dissipation of matter, and could take place in accordance with the mentioned principles.
The transit of this energy from one state to another appears related to the spiral golden ratio, the spiral of nature.
Hydrogen also seems to be involved in this process and this point is particularly
important because hydrogen is a main component of water and and both water and spirals are fundamental in crop circles.
As stated in Islam, particularly among the Sufis, his mystical (there are resonances in the Jewish and Hindu religions) sacred geometry enables humanity to see the archetypal world of God.
In its essence, Islam still preserves a snapshot of the unadulterated, primordial truth in the harmonic figures on the human body.
Dr.Manners agrees that the body is a complex combination of harmonic frequencies and the cells of living tissues are sensitive as small resonators to the effects of harmonic vibrations.


Thus, as each agency requires harmonic frequencies to maintain their existence, these can also be used for restore balance to the sick systems.
This treatment has proven so effective from the beginning that cymatic therapy clinics have spread worldwide.
Knowledge of the merger is acquired from understanding of the codes of energy forms related to sound, music and iconic codes and morphogenetic linked with spirituality.
Our approaches to crop circles is far from traditional descriptions without contradicting them or denying them, because they have at least a 60% of accuracy, and 40% of speculative lies, contradicting them or denying them, because they have at least a speculative lies, myths and local legends.
The mere existence of the phenomena displayed since 1680, as “circles of witches” deserves our attention

But it is not the phenomenon of an encrypted message on the surfaces of harvested fields, what amazes us..
What really attracts us is its geometry and all the links with Φ and ΦBonacci which belong to the structure of pure geometry and the world of proportion and harmony.
We will submit to the laws and then question them to verify the truth of the phenomenon, to leave no doubts.


a. Geology from the existence of theTornquist Sea until its closure, leaves traces in the veins of Crete and Gondwana despite Wegener´s criteria.

b. These veins are the future transmissors vibrating in the aqueous medium by the
transmitting electromagnetic signals

c. “Grain” or links allow to express the tectonic forces and energy along and through the British island from South West to the northwest coast of the North Sea.
This will be the high voltage line where all the types of energy actions are expressed..
The vast expanse of chalk Etchilhampton is surrounded by two water tanks and
a well, so it is no surprise that there have proliferated all kinds of circles of crops. The place has offered delicacies such as “Solar Logo” and the “square grid”.
Since water is conductive energy the type of rocks most abundant in the megalithic sites containing a high quartz content. Quartz is capable of storing a substantial electrical load.
In Stonehange the stones, contained a similar quartz that the one that was used in the first radios.
It is also known that a vortex located in the water creates an electromagnetic field and as energy accumulates, antigravity effects appear. As blood contains water and requires action by a vortex to be propelled in the veins, the electormagnetic field created by the vortex of a Crop Circle may influence on the human body.
Thus, biological conditions may be affected or mentally ones,inducing altered states.


d.   Crop circles and stone circles have electromagnetic and ultrasonic properties
and are located in places rich in water and telluric energy.
The crop circles have the advantage of dimensional shape added as geometric forms and angles that contain energy.
Therefore the harmonic properties of geometric shapes produce an additional effect on the body, since he himself is a pentagonal shape. Sounds also affect the shape, and even the color of the blood cells.
For example, the note makes my longest and spherical, whereas changes do note its color from red to pink.
The geological behavior of the grain energy, then degenerate into “branches
under “the inhabitants of the Neolithic with after call lines Hartmann and Curry lines or Mary Michel

e. all these lines or branches chalk with corresponding sub lying aquifers
They demarcated the power lines, crosses or maxificaciones flow, drawn Ornaments energy that Neolithic man no let out.

f. at each crossing double plus sign + +,electromagnetic energiescould re hancing
This significant point incorporated into this scale .Neolithic man hierarchized as
-Function to form in the Templar scales,namely
I. longitudinal mound
II. round mound
III. cosmological archaeological monument
IV. dolmen
V. menhir
VI. crossroads
g. all these references telluric energy leaving the Neolithic and enter religions
conventional, they quickly take possession of these poles of privilege energy to wield power


Much of the holy places, notmention the most Christian churches built on them, work well, which suggests that its original function was to be points fertilizer input power of Heaven.
Obviously there is much ancient temples more than it is distinguished at first sight.
Establishing a link between these passages energy (sometimes called dragon energy) and the forces of transformation, we can start responding to other puzzles
who hide behind Circles crops, namely its deliberate placement near ancient settlements, their anomalies energy and its association with the states of altered consciousness.
However, looking at the state of the places particularly sacred-the misuse has made them over the last thousand years we can see that the circles crops are causing such dismay to the authorities, not to mention of religious orders.
One of the earliest references to the energy of dragon appears in the first century AD in Decline of the Oracles, Plutarch, referring streams of terrestrial energy are influenced by the Sun and the planets that activate oracles and places of invocation (Michell, 1983).
This energy was recognized by the first Chinese geomancers as chi: equivalent Christian is the Holy Spirit. Circles stone and the mounds were erected in the where this energy is concentrated and therefore were considered points where
promote healing and states higher consciousness according to the phasesparticular the lunar cycle and equinoxes, times when energy is at its high point.
In the Timaeus, Plato shows that the forcé geodesic (manifested particularly when in spiral shapes) catalyzes the construction of the matter and form of the power generator nature for the existence of life and maintaining your balance.
Consequently, when they go to parirlos animals that are found in spaces.
Closed try to escape and find places where energy emerges from the Earth.
The fact that these life-giving properties are recognized instinctively by animal is one of the reasons why the spiral symbol has been considered sacred, sometimes disguised as a serpent or dragon and because Aesculapius and Ilitia (the gods
Medicine and delivery respectively) were associated with snakes.


As living organisms-including the Earth we are electromagnetic in nature and given
The presence of this energy in the circles the crops affects the environment, also
should influence those we touch with crop circles.
Consider this idea: geometric shapes are essentially energy swirls.
Constructing an appropriate form on a strategic location of the magnetic fabric of the Earth, is possible to influence not only the magnetic field
Local, but throughout the plot. One of the leading practitioners of this art was
John Dee, the sixteenth century philosopher who was also alchemist, astrologer and member of the court Elizabeth I of England.

Well patterned the original features, talk about deployments to locate  one or more crop circles.
I. The establishment of a crop circle, will in reference to a nearby environment
a Neolithic landmark, without distracting polo originating attention.
II. The entailment between a quasicrystal and originante settlement is referred to about one or two axes of the originator.
III. The obvious geometric entailment between objective and purpose, will be given by modules strictly and ΦBonacci parameters certifying authenticity and veracity.
A. N of both the originating work as the cloned design content, walk towards a conceptual fusion .. that’s the basic objective of the crop circle missions.
From the reconfirmation of goals goes the way of re- aggionar the Neolithic works and stands measure “the message the message” as the Rosetta life, the Oseireon
Egypt says: do not forget that expression is chosen medium and Φ
This is the basis of universal reference, Measure the order, proportion and harmony leading to language of the merger.
“As the electron becomes how many, it becomes a ray of light.
The point is transformed into line, coiled,vacuum cylinder. ” Ouspensky 1931.
To transmit information sent to the Earth as magnetic waves, has light waves must carry and acoustic sound waves. Waves of light are both energy carriers as information. It is not accidental the amount of energy containedin visible light is perfectly comparable with the energy needed to perform most chemical reactions.
Lyall Watson 1973.


3. Girih Mosaics 4. Hatirkyta Meteorite


3. Girih Mosaics
We point now to the non-figurative plastic creations that worship Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. We discover in Sufi philosophy, the Girih representations of mosaics in the Achaemenid Persia in the twelfth century.
Such jewels merge meanings with shapes, eight centuries before
the quasicrystals were discovered by Dr. Shechtman in a striking coincidence
with the diffraction patterns, in exact figures crystal aperiodical and
pentagonal.. This descriptive topic was developing into detail on the blog
Phi, chapters: Quasicrystals 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, please review these
content, because they are explicit and comprehensive

167 bis

4. Hatirkyta Meteorite:

Until Dr. Scheshtman discoveries, there were doubts in the scientific field about the structure of quasicrystals, and even Dr.Schechtman work, although later recognized with the Nobel Prize was questioned.

It is important to know that team of russian scientists leadered by
Geologist Valery Kryachko reaffirmed the discoveries of dr, Shechtman with
new findings of quasicrystals in the meteorite that fell in Khatyraka riverbed in Chukota, Russia.
Doubts resolved, what rests in our knowledge is the reaffirmation of etymology of
Geology of quasicrystals old as planet Earth and old as the Universe.
As if this were not enough, we are talking from the same ancestral morphogenetic.
Obviously, D. Shechtman was confirmed and overcome doubts and amplitude in the knowledge and projection of quasicrystals.


We work now with the “fusion” or Morphogenetic of the above issues, their
Morphogenetic matches and fundamental knowledge.
Until now. specially in these field there was fragmented knowledge. Take quasicrystals example only interested if Alcoa Aluminium produced a
quasicrystal that was cheaper or more resistent.

We enter another dimension of application, not only economic,-utilitarian.
The scientific society is mature enough to open different windows, add them and understand them. In our case (step by step), fusion morphogenetic sums and integrates, something which is like form and function, where ther morphologic summation repower the whole.
But confirm certain data sequences, we must tread the firm soil
of proportion and travel the invulnerable roads of Φ (Phi): 1.618033 and ΦBonacci
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89. If you wish to read more., related to Φ go to the accompanying blog
(there are 35 chapters).


2. Quasicrystals

  1. Quasicrystals

From this X-ray diagram is possible to determine the crystal structure.
If a crystal is composed by triangles, these repeat themselves without leaving any  gap, with the same order.
This was so until the 50s.
Fortunately, the universe moves  towards enlightenment. and science is discovering geometry in nature.

During a demonstration performed with microscope in the American Association for the Advancement in Science in 1937, it was discovered that the crystal structure of tungsten was composed of nine atoms geometrically shaped as cubes.

Since then, science has continued to discover that the physical structure of the elements is governed by geometrical arrangements around a central point.

Thus, the assumption that the physical structure of the elements is composed primarily of solid particles has given way to quantic physics showing us  that
subatomic matter is empty and its nucleus comprises energy patterns.
Theon of Smyrna, a renowned scholar in antiquity, stated that the ten points in the
tetrarchy represent the Ten words of God. For Christians these “words”
were the Ten Commandments; to the Hebrews the ten spheres of the Tree of Life.



Continuing this line, with Girih mosaics, of  pure geometric design, consistent with Phi principles and non-figurative expressionism Muslim, Sufi of Achaemenid Persia, with a total coincidence with the quasicrystals discovered by dr. Dan Shechtman


The whole is more than the sum of the parts, (Gestalt).

Quasicrystals existed before Nobel prize.

Another point, the comet containing Hatyrkita, comet from interstellar universe that came into our atmosphere and crashed in Siberia, showed in its constitutions as a periodical  quasicrystal design

Following this thread we find  ΦBonacci and Phi, in the crop circles,  that originate in the environments of megalithic nodes lines Mary & Michel, within the lines of Hartmann or Curry .

They all refer to the morphological structure of the measure and its morphogenetic archetypes: Φ and ΦBonacci.


Reaffirming and detailing each of the morphological octaves that constitute the morphogenetic hypothesis  we´ll describe issue by issue  the constitution of
1. Crystals
2. Quasicrystals
3. Mosaics girih
4. Hatyrkita meteor
Φ morphogenetic y ΦBonacci structure
6. Crop Circle
7 .Iconic acashic, applications of sub-conscious collective (Jung)
8. Mandálic patterns
9. The fusion of graphene.

  1. Crystals:
    Until 1950, according to the International Union of Crystallography,   a crystal by definition, was: a composition of atoms, molecules or ions that are repeated periodically in the three dimensions of space (the pattern being generally hexagonal).

All crystals have a number of features that depend of  its symmetry, as the external morphology and physical properties. A very important aspect
is that when irradiated with X rays, they present a diffraction pattern given by a series of points that keep each ratio symmetry.


INTRODUCTION a conceptual change


There is an integrative fusion of universal morphology where all geometry is more than the sum of its parts.(Gestalt).

In the world of Φ (Phi), 1.618033, there are golden morphogenetic relationships,

creating new entities.

As they are all new visions, most observers need time to understand.

We begin with the initial image from the atomic microscope of a quasicrystal

It is not a coincidence that the order and rythm are determined by the number of Gold and its dynamic dependent law.

introito 3

What is fusion?

Each iconic morphology, is a pentalpha within a circle containing itself a source of multiplicatory energy .

The situation is similar to what happens with spherical tetrahedron in its overlap with the

morphogenetic atom fullerene content, representing geometrically Φ (Phi) in the Buckminster Fuller´ geodesic structure

The Golden Ratio (1.618033), appears in new materials: graphene, nanotubes and fullerene.

Let’s start with the existence of the crystal structures and their typical morphological module: the

sequence regular hexagon.

We follow aperiodic pentagonal quasicrystals with their morphologies