3. Girih Mosaics 4. Hatirkyta Meteorite


3. Girih Mosaics
We point now to the non-figurative plastic creations that worship Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. We discover in Sufi philosophy, the Girih representations of mosaics in the Achaemenid Persia in the twelfth century.
Such jewels merge meanings with shapes, eight centuries before
the quasicrystals were discovered by Dr. Shechtman in a striking coincidence
with the diffraction patterns, in exact figures crystal aperiodical and
pentagonal.. This descriptive topic was developing into detail on the blog
Phi, chapters: Quasicrystals 1 + 2 + 3 + 4, please review these
content, because they are explicit and comprehensive

167 bis

4. Hatirkyta Meteorite:

Until Dr. Scheshtman discoveries, there were doubts in the scientific field about the structure of quasicrystals, and even Dr.Schechtman work, although later recognized with the Nobel Prize was questioned.

It is important to know that team of russian scientists leadered by
Geologist Valery Kryachko reaffirmed the discoveries of dr, Shechtman with
new findings of quasicrystals in the meteorite that fell in Khatyraka riverbed in Chukota, Russia.
Doubts resolved, what rests in our knowledge is the reaffirmation of etymology of
Geology of quasicrystals old as planet Earth and old as the Universe.
As if this were not enough, we are talking from the same ancestral morphogenetic.
Obviously, D. Shechtman was confirmed and overcome doubts and amplitude in the knowledge and projection of quasicrystals.


We work now with the “fusion” or Morphogenetic of the above issues, their
Morphogenetic matches and fundamental knowledge.
Until now. specially in these field there was fragmented knowledge. Take quasicrystals example only interested if Alcoa Aluminium produced a
quasicrystal that was cheaper or more resistent.

We enter another dimension of application, not only economic,-utilitarian.
The scientific society is mature enough to open different windows, add them and understand them. In our case (step by step), fusion morphogenetic sums and integrates, something which is like form and function, where ther morphologic summation repower the whole.
But beware.to confirm certain data sequences, we must tread the firm soil
of proportion and travel the invulnerable roads of Φ (Phi): 1.618033 and ΦBonacci
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89. If you wish to read more., related to Φ go to the accompanying blog
(there are 35 chapters).




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