Continuing this line, with Girih mosaics, of  pure geometric design, consistent with Phi principles and non-figurative expressionism Muslim, Sufi of Achaemenid Persia, with a total coincidence with the quasicrystals discovered by dr. Dan Shechtman


The whole is more than the sum of the parts, (Gestalt).

Quasicrystals existed before Nobel prize.

Another point, the comet containing Hatyrkita, comet from interstellar universe that came into our atmosphere and crashed in Siberia, showed in its constitutions as a periodical  quasicrystal design

Following this thread we find  ΦBonacci and Phi, in the crop circles,  that originate in the environments of megalithic nodes lines Mary & Michel, within the lines of Hartmann or Curry .

They all refer to the morphological structure of the measure and its morphogenetic archetypes: Φ and ΦBonacci.


Reaffirming and detailing each of the morphological octaves that constitute the morphogenetic hypothesis  we´ll describe issue by issue  the constitution of
1. Crystals
2. Quasicrystals
3. Mosaics girih
4. Hatyrkita meteor
Φ morphogenetic y ΦBonacci structure
6. Crop Circle
7 .Iconic acashic, applications of sub-conscious collective (Jung)
8. Mandálic patterns
9. The fusion of graphene.

  1. Crystals:
    Until 1950, according to the International Union of Crystallography,   a crystal by definition, was: a composition of atoms, molecules or ions that are repeated periodically in the three dimensions of space (the pattern being generally hexagonal).

All crystals have a number of features that depend of  its symmetry, as the external morphology and physical properties. A very important aspect
is that when irradiated with X rays, they present a diffraction pattern given by a series of points that keep each ratio symmetry.




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