INTRODUCTION a conceptual change


There is an integrative fusion of universal morphology where all geometry is more than the sum of its parts.(Gestalt).

In the world of Φ (Phi), 1.618033, there are golden morphogenetic relationships,

creating new entities.

As they are all new visions, most observers need time to understand.

We begin with the initial image from the atomic microscope of a quasicrystal

It is not a coincidence that the order and rythm are determined by the number of Gold and its dynamic dependent law.

introito 3

What is fusion?

Each iconic morphology, is a pentalpha within a circle containing itself a source of multiplicatory energy .

The situation is similar to what happens with spherical tetrahedron in its overlap with the

morphogenetic atom fullerene content, representing geometrically Φ (Phi) in the Buckminster Fuller´ geodesic structure

The Golden Ratio (1.618033), appears in new materials: graphene, nanotubes and fullerene.

Let’s start with the existence of the crystal structures and their typical morphological module: the

sequence regular hexagon.

We follow aperiodic pentagonal quasicrystals with their morphologies




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