Many have described these studies as unintelligible


Maybe  they have been be outdated for a long time and you can not pretend that now, when a genius like Dan Shechtman appears , they suddenly perceive that he structure of Phi, is in the heart of the matter. From that “centrum” it will be possible to “design” morphogenetically quasicrystals on demand (as the most current requirements of contemporaneity).

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This is the “big leap” quantum of perception !!
Within the same analysis criteria, as well as the vegetable world is enhanced with developments in the genetic core of the grain, the animal world rectified the mitochondrial DNA of animals. The old concepts of “improvement by crossing” or cloning also reaffirmed empowering to species.
In the world of geology this knowledge has been delayed, leaving a large pause between ancient alchemical procedures and our  “today.”

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Without detracting the scientific advances , they did not go at the speed of growth accompanying multiplication of mankind as a source of technological  requisitions with the multiplicity of new tools for survival.
Just as the discovery of graphene, is a wonderful exception.
Therefore is necessary to methodologies to accelerate the process for achieving the scientific findings consistent with accelerated requirements of today’s world.


For example, encouraging the morphogenetic developments from quasicrystals, where the geometric weighting alloys by decoding intervene Φ (Phi) and ΦBonacci, so from their diffraction patterns structures properly weigh “easy reading,” using the geometry encoded as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Triangle and the whole team of morpho decodificatorias tools, in order to find the way and then return. Morphogenetic behaviors that enable backtrack, will allow to build metals under design conditions.




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