The outline of a Gothic cathedral…


We see in  the outline of a Gothic cathedral, the “scheme  of static stress and  balance of loads” and also the diffraction plan of quasicrystals


This is the Templars found under the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem 1060 AD, before the first Crusade.

Knowledge, more than gold, was an explosive mixture for the new “civilizing” wave and the flow of Islam culture. This is what Europe seized as spoils of war, religious and intellectual.

In turn, the geometric origin of intellectual effort and Φ ΦBonacci quasicrystals was denied and refused even the Girih mosaics, t that he Near East of Achaemenid Persia and Hindu brought us.


Today we might have a role in the search for new structures of those which have patterns and custom alloys (shape – function) on con-form results.
Until yesterday quasicrystals were unknown and even before yesterday  Φ was a rethorycal tool in the morphogenetic analysis of art.

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Dan Shechtman was not considered prior to the Nobel pryze.

As architects we rely on the geometrycal structure and  studied for 45 years before finding the justification of Φ and ΦBonacci. Furthermore we show it step by step, in our Blogs: created 3 years ago and  has 15.000 visitors and
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