When in doubt


The weakness of certainty is strengthened by beauty, proportion and harmony..
This comes through our eyes to the soul, where the restructuring of the diffractions redraws the evanescent reality.
The poetry of the lines imitates the music of forms and everythig is seen  through the lighto of geometry
Seeing reality again leads us  to the sound of the music of the spheres where the just measure  rings the way until it rumbles inside the bell of proportion.
Everything becomes one again and  one returns to  be everything  and more by the multiplier effect of Laser mirrors, perfuming the sensations.
In Gestalt we say that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Everything exists and has meaning within a specific context, nothing exists by itself, isolated.  Gestalten dixit

59 dre

109 final

If you can identify a polarity between the lens and the spiral geometry (biomorphic elements of Islamic art) with the golden triangle inscribed within the diffraction pattern of aperiodic quasicrystal Al-Cu-Fe. This forms a crown of  pentalphas in an integration  of the geometric basis of ten peripheric pentagons surrounding the sacred decagons.
Many versions between beauty, preconcepted, and many versions between it and the geometry of Φ and  Φbonacci are tied by harmony, endless circling pentapointed stars, indicating connections between the worshipers, repeating the sound, a sound a significant number and the symmetry of the peripheral space harmonic.



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