(In 1675 sir Isaac Newton wrote ):

“If I have seen farther, it is because I have gone on the shoulders of giants.”
According to the journal Reports on Progress in Physics, the discovery of quasicrystals was announced in a mineral called hatyrkita discovered by geologist Valery Kryachko in 1979 in the river Khatyrka in Chukotka, Russia.

Analyzis conclude that the geologic piece belonged to a type of meteorite known as carbonaceous chondrites and had fallen on our planet at the dawn of the solar system, circa 4.5 million years ago.

To settle doubts, an expedition was sent  to the Koryak Siberian mountains and after six weeks of work done, the team found a speck of metal that not only contained quasicrystals, but showed the same isotope ratio of oxygen to the sample found by Kryachko.

Likewise the team isolated a factor of nine samples of quasicrystals that would have belonged to the same meteorite, which were  dragged to the area during the end of the last glacial era pre 15,000 years ago.

First conclusion: nothing belies morphological virtues of quasicrystals under the phi “perfect”order pattern  and the  laws of growth according to ΦBonacci as any other living thing on the planet, despite having come to them by the laws of casuistry of the discoveries. No expense in the “eureka” of Archimedes, nor in Schechtman´s. God can be reached  from scientific faith or reason or by empathy with the esotheric, under a strict pythagoric logic..

Second conclusion: The meteorite quasicrystals came with the seal of God, can someone doubt this?
To say quasicrystals is to say, the pristine structures 4.5 million years ago or more, where the seal was permeating Φ near the origin of creation

Third conclusion: Without losing  ecumenism potential  with similar beliefs, the question is not to argue with the “ measure” but with the complexity of geometric interlace. The unit appears  in the multiplicity and it is in the found of the unit.



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