Ratio generates the just measure. This is demonstrable and verifies the”truth”.

When man discovers and assumes the existence of God’s number (Φ, Phi, 1.618033)that is the geometric tool to reconfirm exact truth, the alleged theory, only alleged, that mathematically reconfirms with the triangle 3 4, 5 (shown by Pythagoras) and then used as an act of faith in proportions generating the resulting coherent harmony.

150, 2










When a diffraction pattern prints on paper and in our retinas a reading of crystalin or quasicrystalin order, for a particular and very specific metal alloy. When to this composition we add the frequency of weaving ΦBonacci Φ we have a symphony within the plot of  light (which are photons) and the frame i-photonic, which is the information:in principle we would be doing  music. This is the balance within the penta- frame of – sounds. We would have to figure how tones are adjusted to compose harmoniously.


With proportions and enhanced by the golden relations, we would be spreading the perfection of God and endorsed  in all Nature: Creation itself.

Up to this point, we have showed that the divine proportion (the golden ratio) and geometry of the shapes in an analytical state of perfection, lead us to beauty, harmony

153, 2


There are other frames other that the already stated, there are also other means, beyond  morphological ones. Information frames through the use of light (photons,)  sounds ensembled using music, these are the musical notes. Also information frames of digital bits using binary language, where all the message is reduced to 0-1, zeros and ones. This  computer spear allows the universal intercom with i photons.



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