CONCEPTS, part 2


Until now and in previous chapters, we, the Φ team,  discussed specific architectural events, such as Angkor Wat, Stonehenge, Tikal and others, were not part of the “spontaneous” group. Almost all settlements conformed a network or frame as that of Wiener, Hartman, and others, likeTchow  that verified as modules of Φ and ΦBonacci.

These frames were not at random because the tissue was related to energies and the proportions of Φ.

 Φ takes the entire formal diffraction spectrum pattern of the Girih mosaics. They not only contained the morphological status of the West, (so little known and linked to Φ), but a more extensive plot known  Φ and ΦBonacci. 

Reluctantly responses were cleared in a Φ plot of diffraction, as doubts about the interior design of Keops or the golden triangle or (Pentalpha).

 143, 1144, 4

Finally, the very difficult section of the plot,  reading two dimensions and the same, as perspective representation, depends on the support frame, as in this case. The Φ network contained in the electronic diffraction pattern of quasicrystal , Al, Cu, Fe, is of limitless wealth that contains almost all the variables of Φ.


We incorpórate to our friends of the rational world, the geometric pattern of diffraction of quasicrystals and the same frame of Girih mosaics, where successively identical overlap, the Pentagon emblematic figures are generated, and the pentalpha aureo triangle and the matrix of Keops in three dimensions, or in space where there dodecahedron reigns.

148, 5








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