The geometric and arithmetic  rules meant the achievement of  ideal forms themselves as Sufis came to symbolize the unique pattern of existence, something simillar to the Pythagoric conception of the universe.

mosaico redondo, 1

Thus the artist becomes a sage or “arif”, knowing  the sacred and eternal laws that govern life, where everything repeats and renews.

Learning from the rhythms of nature, on the growth of plants and living things in general and the discovery of its intrinsic proportions, almost all governed by Φ.

This will result in an aesthetic based on the geometry in which the emotion overflows to look and check the repetition of the various life cycles.

flor, 1

The contemporary scientific findings of Nobel Prize winner,Dr. Daniel Shechtman  of quasicrystals  show us in their  verifiable electronic diffraction patterns underlying them, they draw the structure of girih mosaics.

Determining the correct proportions, (underlying quasicrystals, be they of Al, Li, Cu or Al, Fe, Cu or Al, Ni, Co or Al, Cu, Co or Al, Pd, Mn), impose over subjective currents.

Unless the underlying messages of the diffraction patterns and after the Girih mosaics Sufis messages, say the opposite, they show us, obviously, the occult and transcendental. Always from the Islamic point of view, artistic creativity does not involve the search and discovery of the new, modern false conception of the original, but in recreating a theme with variations multiplying ad infinitum, as in the Pythagorean pentalpha or  the fractalic Tchow .

pentalfa, 1 pentalfitas, 1



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