Apparent ( crystals )
1. Crystals hold their existence from the beginning of  Creation. It´s man´s responsibility for his ignorance of the existence of other crystalline categories.
2 . Crystals exists publicly since the alchemists.
3   First formal codification is synthesized from ” The Elements” of Euclid, where all 5 solids are nominated, they were called then .”platonic.”
4l . Hexagon is the only type crystal morphology akin discovered .
5 . Classic or orthodox geometry continues its evolution and processes as defined by the International Union of Crystallography , a crystal was a ” composition ” of atoms, molecules or ions constituting the crystal structure .

Real . ( quasicrystals )
1. Quasicrystals  were ” content ” from the beginning of creation
2 . Quasicrystals were discovered by Daniel Shechtman dr , J Hopkins University in the U.S. , one morning in April 1982.
3 . Encodings The first constitution was being formed during our time.
4  pentagon and all the ” pentagonal family” . (Pentalpha , Φ and ΦBonacci , golden triangle), etc, checked all tests of maximum geometric perfection. From all studies of X-ray diffraction geometry , where a pentagonal symmetry was checked appeared a peculiarity: this symmetry is not allowed to put together a periodic netwok . Quasicrystals are aperiodic , hence the “brotherhood” with the progression of ΦBonacci ( ) .


5 . In the event that brings us together , from a quasicrystal of Al ( aluminum) , Cu (copper ), Fe (iron ) , subject to the pattern of electronic diffraction (X -ray ) and all geometric verifications high sensitivity , as which we show, with the perfection of God’s number 1.618033 . ΦBonacci , with aperiodic proportions of all immersed in the plot of quasicrystals , as an infinite concurrency constellation of beauty and harmony.









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