THERE ARE INFINITE WAYS TO GET TO THE CREATOR, as many as His Creations are infinite


The discovery of (dr . D. Shechtman) triggers meetings and related junctions to Φ outside the coincidences by which they were preceded : Maians and Babylonians cosmological deductions, Pythagorean geometry , renaissance artistic and constructivist – rationalism of Le Corbusier.


Shechtman with quasi crystals , opens  the dam to release torrents of almost unknown amazing coincidences . All concurring to the synthesis of a ” centrum ” , these related paths are:

1.( Aperiodic quasicrystals, 1982 discovery )

2.( The Girih mosaics)

3. Geometric patterns order ( Φ  and ΦBonacci governing the whole universe )

4. Geometric figures excellence ( ignored and forgotten because of divine freedom of expression)

5. Cosmological visual , future projections  .Image



It would seem that the hypothesis of( Hermes Trismegistus) , the thrice- wise, stating the existence of two universes at last, circularly , is just one . The macro cosmos and infinite galactic and planetary orbits where Φ representing the ” just measure ” , interacts with gravitational forces balancing the cosmos and then the microcosm quasicrystals in their atomic structure as molecular electronic diffraction patterns where ΦBonacci reigns . They demonstrate by the exercise of the same geometric language ,their membership of the work of a single Creator.






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