And then appeared a chemist , dr . Daniel Shechtman , Nobel Prize 2011, when through his “ein kazo chaya ” (Hebrew : Eureka, ) , possibly without his intrinsic intention, allowed us to see the first at a glimpse and then fully the geometric design similarities between the diffraction patterns of quasi crystals discovered mosaics and the Girih mosaics. ..
These realities resulting from the summation Σ emerging and dazzling  of geometric keys .
We value the feat Dr Shechtman for allowing us to see a new reference edge and who provided by aperiodic quasi crystals , as the certificate of “coming of age ” for Φ and ΦBonacci through successive triple coincidence between the quasi- crystals the( Islamic Girih) and all the laws of Φ , (this is not a small thing, it is a lot)
True drawings of the Creator’s work begin to emerge




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