We are trying to explain again what was said, but in a different way.

Plato said that geometry is the science of knowledge, but not of what is subject to degeneration and corruption from birth to death.


In a way,  geometry is concerned with the part of change that does not change.

Islamic artists inherited this Platonic conception of geometry, adopted it and applied it to various collateral creations. All Islamic aesthetics developed in part by Sufi spiritualist, is based on  geometry and arithmetics with cyclic rhythms

multiplicity (kazra) demonstrates the oneness of being (tawhid).


The specific case of the star  illustrates well this point. Pentalpha, the 5-pointed star, multiplies its symbolic meaning by repeteation, losing its meaning as an isolated element to gain a new dimension within an unique element.

The same happens with regular pentagons and equilateral triangles whose intrinsic symmetry repeated regularly leads to intricate designs. (Tessels in medieval Girih )are of enormous compositional creativity. They are used to cover flat surfaces and especially curves (due to its articulated design) by regular repetition of the same pattern of geometric shapes in vaults, clerestory, scallops or just in the soffit of the arches and squares and in (Mijrab curvatures).













Apparent ( crystals )
1. Crystals hold their existence from the beginning of  Creation. It´s man´s responsibility for his ignorance of the existence of other crystalline categories.
2 . Crystals exists publicly since the alchemists.
3   First formal codification is synthesized from ” The Elements” of Euclid, where all 5 solids are nominated, they were called then .”platonic.”
4l . Hexagon is the only type crystal morphology akin discovered .
5 . Classic or orthodox geometry continues its evolution and processes as defined by the International Union of Crystallography , a crystal was a ” composition ” of atoms, molecules or ions constituting the crystal structure .

Real . ( quasicrystals )
1. Quasicrystals  were ” content ” from the beginning of creation
2 . Quasicrystals were discovered by Daniel Shechtman dr , J Hopkins University in the U.S. , one morning in April 1982.
3 . Encodings The first constitution was being formed during our time.
4  pentagon and all the ” pentagonal family” . (Pentalpha , Φ and ΦBonacci , golden triangle), etc, checked all tests of maximum geometric perfection. From all studies of X-ray diffraction geometry , where a pentagonal symmetry was checked appeared a peculiarity: this symmetry is not allowed to put together a periodic netwok . Quasicrystals are aperiodic , hence the “brotherhood” with the progression of ΦBonacci ( ) .


5 . In the event that brings us together , from a quasicrystal of Al ( aluminum) , Cu (copper ), Fe (iron ) , subject to the pattern of electronic diffraction (X -ray ) and all geometric verifications high sensitivity , as which we show, with the perfection of God’s number 1.618033 . ΦBonacci , with aperiodic proportions of all immersed in the plot of quasicrystals , as an infinite concurrency constellation of beauty and harmony.







THERE ARE INFINITE WAYS TO GET TO THE CREATOR, as many as His Creations are infinite


The discovery of (dr . D. Shechtman) triggers meetings and related junctions to Φ outside the coincidences by which they were preceded : Maians and Babylonians cosmological deductions, Pythagorean geometry , renaissance artistic and constructivist – rationalism of Le Corbusier.


Shechtman with quasi crystals , opens  the dam to release torrents of almost unknown amazing coincidences . All concurring to the synthesis of a ” centrum ” , these related paths are:

1.( Aperiodic quasicrystals, 1982 discovery )

2.( The Girih mosaics)

3. Geometric patterns order ( Φ  and ΦBonacci governing the whole universe )

4. Geometric figures excellence ( ignored and forgotten because of divine freedom of expression)

5. Cosmological visual , future projections  .Image



It would seem that the hypothesis of( Hermes Trismegistus) , the thrice- wise, stating the existence of two universes at last, circularly , is just one . The macro cosmos and infinite galactic and planetary orbits where Φ representing the ” just measure ” , interacts with gravitational forces balancing the cosmos and then the microcosm quasicrystals in their atomic structure as molecular electronic diffraction patterns where ΦBonacci reigns . They demonstrate by the exercise of the same geometric language ,their membership of the work of a single Creator.






And then appeared a chemist , dr . Daniel Shechtman , Nobel Prize 2011, when through his “ein kazo chaya ” (Hebrew : Eureka, ) , possibly without his intrinsic intention, allowed us to see the first at a glimpse and then fully the geometric design similarities between the diffraction patterns of quasi crystals discovered mosaics and the Girih mosaics. ..
These realities resulting from the summation Σ emerging and dazzling  of geometric keys .
We value the feat Dr Shechtman for allowing us to see a new reference edge and who provided by aperiodic quasi crystals , as the certificate of “coming of age ” for Φ and ΦBonacci through successive triple coincidence between the quasi- crystals the( Islamic Girih) and all the laws of Φ , (this is not a small thing, it is a lot)
True drawings of the Creator’s work begin to emerge




In our previous  chapters we showed testimony through the Wiener frame (for Φ and ΦBonacci ) , the Leys roads or  Hartmann and Curry networks , or the existence of the ” solar- stable ” frames , ad referendum of the concern of the magnetic axis and the magnetic terrestrial solar electro influences by “metabolic ” action with the Blue Planet.

We¨ll refer to another frame of agreement such as the electronic diffraction pattern of aperiodic and quasi crystals.and its coincidence with Girih geometric mosaics, .
 1.618033 , ( the number of the Creator ) and ΦBonacci ( projection series to infinity) :

These guidelines have similarities within the aesthetic, but this result is not accidental , since the aesthetic beauty is a consequence of perfection .We. would still be within the spirit of the aesthetic philosophy of Athens, and then , as followers of classic neo Renaissance criterion  or the original spirit  of Φ in proportion and measure.



(Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513 )

“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, or more dangerous to handle, than creating a new system. And it should be noted that there is no more delicate matter in hand, more perilous to conduct, or, nor more doubtful of success to be a leader in the introduction of changes. Because he who innovates will have for enemies all those who benefit from the existing order of things, and only lukewarm supporters in those who benefit under a new order”.






 What do Φ Phi, the Universal Decoding , the Vajra , Dorje, the solar crown , the fleur de lis,  Van Hallen belt , the Tchow  ΦBonacci  and so many things we have shown in our blog, have in common?


They seem disperse , until some perhaps thought , What do they have that links them ?


The sum ΣΦ , of proportion and harmony , was well worth the long wait.


Girih Islamic mosaics are a collage of small and insignificant vitrified ceramic fragments, that craftsmen   compose according to a pure geometric matrix , adding and composing on a pattern of Φ and ΦBonacci , astounding by  the structural knowledge of the nature and pentagonal composition of the quasi crystals .Image

Also we´ll have to recognize the ability of the  oriental “perfect”  geo-composition .Truth is that undoubtedly existed a pre knowledge that came from some of the Sufis perceptual sciences. They knew the face value , electronic diffraction  composition pattern of a quasicrystal and worked with a dose of non-figurative art , on the basis  of the geometrical knowledge mentioned above.