Why they were hidden since the Islamic times?
How many windows remain closed on purpose, believing that the subject, is not the object?
How much longer  will “the groups of silence” hold hands, minds and eyes looking from the end of the world to light the truth of everything and despite almost everyone?

In our previous chapter: Evolution of energy routes within the frames of Wiener and others, where by summation, overlap and competition, we detected and potentiated the effects to blow up the flow of results.
Until then, we walked controversial ways. But  we discovered the (morphology of quasi crystals with a lucid eucledian post geometry), where perfection in Φ and Φ Bonacci, suggest that if we add the results of the previous chapter to own the perceptual benefits of this analysis of the quasi crystals would be opening a path of re enhancing effects that will allow us to see more and more away, as if we were using an intellectual Hubble.






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