We just let it flow from inside out, the light of creation  clearly drawn “in Φ tone ” to correct human measure interpretation.
Everything else, then  will be transparent and the light of knowledge from Phi code  and Φ Bonacci elucidate the way to understand the whole.



.          Certain geometric virtues cohabit superimposed  in the  Energy Routes.

  .        Wiener lines containing the guidelines of all Phi-proportional designs  within      the virtues of Φ and Φ Bonacci.
.       The Leys routes.
·      The Hartmann and Curry lines.
·      The poles concurrency and polarization energy in the frame of Wiener.
·      The matching frames  of Scottish tartans and kilts.

Evidence shows that  where  electromagnetic energy flows and  a significant building  is erected there, based on a consistent geometry in Phi Φ, the resulting energy behavior,  flowed, optimized for enhanced ways of proportions Φ and energy nodes conjunction, eg. Tikal, Cheops, Oseireón, San Stefano Rotondo, Chartres, Parthenon, etc. or just the wooden ceiling of the Chapter House in Mc. Gough Castle in the northern Highlands. (While the electro magnetic axis  remained stable, there wasn´t the inevitable danger  that ran with the translation of the consistent geodesic alignment).
Beauty and Harmony, depend on an understanding of man.

This knowledge would be accelerated from the man acceptance of this “lowest common denominator” the number of God: 1.618033, the rector of the proportions and “vector power” that is Φ.





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