The emerging force , which would have been liberated anyway, but by the control of Sacred Geometry , was located and re powered ( the Ancients knew this ) . No one had to wait for the Bauhaus to define that function becomes the form… .



Imagine that the ” project to interpret the whole ”  knows , studies , lives and is penetrated by “the parts” . The next step would be the harmonic interplay between the parts, on the search  of the whole it´s where questions arise, assuming that previous step were encompassed within the ( “Divine Proportion”).
1. How this thread that leads  the optimized energies materialises it within Sacred Geometry and   total harmony?
2 . What kind of  compatible energy is powered  from its natural sources ?
All as a proof of conductive consistency  , where formal aspects consubstantiates in the rescued function, illuminating the road , that in keys and signs  we foresee the understanding of the universe that the Great Architect suggested us from the facts of his creation.





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