There are endless confirmations  in Nature that bind us indissolubly with the master of the Universe. They are (as in ice crystals ) , sacredly geometrized, as in the shells and universalized , as in Galaxies .
 All this symbols are contained by a structuring universal geometry. A few are decoded but they cannot be accepted yet –

 First because they are proof of the Creator´s Work and secondly because the unifying law will be established as soon as the sequence of events is explained and these are understood .


Imagine further that the Fibonacci spiral is represented in the  sunflower or Φ (Phi) is immersed in the pentagram (and this in turn is the core of the apple ) or the( hexagram , called David Star) , is in the heart of the pyramid of Kheops, then, the point , line, circle , square , sphere, ( Phi) , Φ ,( the Tchow- Pfei), (the Vessica) , 3 , 4, 5,( the Sacred Tetractys) (and some more) are all tools to decode or interpret the whole.
In which way they were reconstituted? These ways are the energies or vibrations forms that need to be made ​​compatible as the tools and energy to potentiate through the use of sacred geometry .
Menhirs (geo – acupuncture – energy ) of Celtic stung the eartht where the energy component was found and channeled it by using an elementary phallic – type geometry , .
Then the ancient Egyptians with obelisks, whole pieces of granite seamless , preferably of high quartz content , performed the same puncture driving from the bowels of the earth , to expel the telluric and electromagnetic energies, as a reverse lightning rod. The  Sacred Geometry , powered it with the perfection of Measure, Proportion and Harmony





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