Talking about Phi



All harmonic principles that rule the universal order are based in a handful of concepts , measurable, properly interrelated. They conform  the divine or golden proportions .

The first designs, generated by the Creator, were later multiplied and man was able to understand some of them but did not recognize the rest.

This lack of understanding of his environment has caused irracionality and disappointment in the comprehension of divine work.

Another misunderstanding of the present time prevents decoding and getting the right record of past facts, with, moreover, the loss of some rich interpolations at the mercy  of the traditional version of History.

Going back in time is not difficult. Enough with reading facts from a different point of view. This reading will enable us to find the way to our origin, where the proportions used by the Creator in all things both belonging to the micro and macro  universe, are revealed.

The object of the present work is to present the hidden evidences, to organize and interpolate the dark zones. Thus we will be able to state new clues of our “old origin” to see our genesis in its true dimension, locating ourselves in our original  barycenter.

Some elements which derive from ancient cultures are here incorporated and complete a wider view that enriches the experience of human knowledge.  



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