This is born from strict functionality or ideally from its multifunctional capabilities, with increased synthesis of resources to obtain the most optimal order in the minimum time required .


 Ideally within an economy that arises from this balance between need and service without harming the environment and with the intelligent use of and available energy, according to the laws of emerging harmonious use of (pragmatic geometries).

Obviously these governed the harmonious balance of the Universe from its creation to the appearance of man

Imagen CarnacImagen

These searches find orderly response on the lowest common denominator of Φ and Φ dynamic Bonacci , within the frame of geometric proportions Wiener Phi Bonacci as “things” are set within the divine morphology, as did the Creator . (Then add to the fabric of Leys energy ratios Hartmann and Curry. )



Then when everything fits , is just check all the Great Works that come from energy and proportions. So we will see how men can talk with their Creator

Imagen Tikal





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