Uptake optimized all naturally emerging energies of Planet Earth, comes from the geometric  identification. . It’s like a fitting time and place  which meant :
1. Quantum , which involved the protagonist in the ” capture ” by modifying the traditional, non- quantum interpretation .



lustrative picture of wave-particle duality, which shows how the same phenomenon can be perceived in two different ways.

Quantum mechanics (also known as quantum physics or quantum theory) is a branch of physics that deals with the physical phenomena at microscopic scales, where the action is the order of the Planck constant.

Quantum mechanics is the foundation of the study of the atom, its nucleus and elementary particles as are understood today

Its application has enabled the discovery and development of many technologies, such as transistors, components widely used in almost all electronic devices that have some functional part.

2. The road to energy efficiency , or paths :
(Φ and Φ Bonacci – Wiener – Leys) and other perceptions of translational energy efficiency ,  enhanced  in the strictest ecological variables.

3 . The ” synchronous geometry ” coincident with all matching enhancements connected with point 2-

4. Set the correlation of geo – synchronous variables in constant translation of Earth’s magnetic axis and the telluric faults.

5. Use the ” intellectual permeability ” to synchronize and enhance understanding the interrelationships of items 1 through 4 inclusive , for the purpose of re establishing energy originators skills without changing the ecological environment.


When from zero  to infinite  the entire harmonic structure is checked to perfection, we reach  the Total Harmonic.
This is the case of  “concentrated energy” in Φ. 



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