Geometry that is the graphical interpretation of the works of the Creator in its purest state . Therefore enumerate past readings that are configured as ” morphologically understandable ” from the plot of Φ Wiener .
1. (Sailors Cosmas Indico Pleustes maps) .



2 . Construction drawings of Kheops
3 . (The Universal Network design , the U.A.N.)




It´s a network that is service-independent. It consists of computer nodes (computer peripherals), each capable of processing and communicating with one another across low-to-mid speed data communication links.

 The nodes are distributed all over the network. This makes it easy for the network carrier to deploy and control services with more efficiency.

Once initiated, the services can be adapted to suit individual customers’ requirements.

4. Energy maps positioning Leys (as Hartmann and Curry)

5 . Textile warps and wefts of the Scottish clan kilts .


6. (The design of the British Union Jack as the plot of Wiener ).


7. (The geometric pattern of the cross section of the Fourth King in the pyramid of Kheops in Ghize )





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