Is it casual ?


or belongs  to a  configuration of personal findings marked by Φ and Φ Bonacci , embodied in the frame N. Wiener, according Matila Gyka in the  golden ratio , rhythms rites Proof of the existence of precedents civilized people , without resorting to extra terrestrial gibberish , Annunaki , numerology or crop circles ?.

Matila Gyka

Prince Matila Costiesco Ghyka 1881 –1965), was a novelist, mathematician, historian, philosopher and diplomat at the Romanian Plenipotentiary Minister in the United Kingdom during the late 1930s and until 1940.

He  studied  at the French Naval Academy in Brest, at the High School of Electricity in Paris, and finally at the Faculty of Law of Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he took his doctorate magna cum laude. He joined the diplomatic service in 1909,

He was  introduced to the English and French literary circles, but his chief interest was always the synthesis of high mathematics 


[3][4]Matila Ghyka with family in 1935

His best Works

Esthétique des proportions dans la nature et dans les arts (1927) (printed in Italian, Russian, Spanish)

  • Le nombre d’or. Rites et rythmes pythagoriciens dans le development de la civilisation occidentale (1931) which ran into many editions and was prefaced by his friend and admirer Paul Valéry (translated into Italian, Czech, Spanish, Polish)
  • Essai sur le rythme (1938)
  • The Geometry of Art and Life (1946)
  • Tour d’horizon philosophique (1946)
  • A Practical Handbook of Geometry and Design (1952)
  • Couleur du monde (1: Escales de ma jeunesse,1955, 2: Heureux qui comme Ulysse, 1956)” (translated into roumanian)




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