All the facts specially  about all the pre-designed by the Creator, occur within patterns established by the Universal Order and this case is not an  exception. Naming the (nearest horizons of the)  nearest ancient glaciers, we find the Riss glaciation (233,000 years old), then the interglacial Riss – Würm (144,000 years) currently being lapsing period 8.000 years of the anticipated total 55,000 years, to lead to a future period 1st glacier, 34,000 years, and later an interglacial going back 21,000 years.


Then there will be a  2nd. Glacier of 13.000 years and  so 4th lapses of  8,000, 5,000, 1,000 years, resulting in an final glacier called 5th°,  of 1,000 years again. Then we assume that will occur the extinction of life, at least as we know it today, with the presence of a short period of 1,000 years,  probably cold .

 As we can detect: 2000-3000 – 5,000 – 8000-13000 years is the inverse of Φ-Bonacci.Galileo Galilei would say, regarding the Golden Number or golden ratio:  “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.” Golden Number is born or dies from a central point which expands generating a growing movement draws a spiral indefinitely and so increases logarythmical. These structures are found in nature, eg, human body structure, the spirals galactic,  glacier series, snails, the sunflower , five points  sea stars and Venusians Earth orbits around the sun, the imitation of these proportions in cathedrals, music and paintings of the great masters. These ratioo  was used in the pyramids, the construction of the Temple of Solomon, in the cathedral of Chartres and the convent of La Tourette by  Le Corbusier.
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Imagen  ABIDOS

ImagenAnkor VAt







Machu Pichu


Mohenjo Daro




Santa Maria Novella


Salomon Temple




Sometimes Internet transmits  facts (certainties),  or creates doubts about intentions of taking knowledge evidence for dating, for example, “The end of time.” God will know (and people of the Agency less) as having an end, carries no risk at age 71 for more “inductments” to which one feels under preassure. Be whatever is “the end” nas been told.

Alea jacta est, the  Rubicon has been crossed.
We have now to tell the new “beginning”. Let us be positive, if the order is decoded by Φ-Bonacci for the year 130,988 AD, we have more than enough time, for example:
1.  Do not despair of the December 21, 2012 Maya. Nothing happened
2.   Prepare for the necessary changes.
3.  Imagine that by that time, the 144,000 million miles that separate us of the planet Φ (Phi), will be a ( nothingness for technology) transportation (to possess that time) and ( obviously), perhaps much earlier, so that the ark of “colonization” of Φ-Phi, will be a small thing.




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