As accelerating glacial periods according to the Fibonacci series, until the end of times.  We can find  a beginning (actually I found the end) the point α (alpha) or beginning to be a divine determinative.

It is not for me to locate it, I think is at infinity of creation, as it´s been told. Again, in all reprints or chapters,  theories are suggested to understand human history, with the necessary corrections to avoid deception and lies that shaped the story. Beyond the metaphysical doubt and critical discourse on the events of the past, I  found within Fibonacci, the end of time marked by  Φ.

It is really overwhelming to detect Φ in almost all things. Specially as a record of the hidden order, wether  it´s not seen  or does not want to be seen  the “reality” of the Creator.


You can´t set the historical times if you do not know what is or are the units of measurement for the search.

The glacier and resulting diluvial, clearly marked periods and .

To reference the closest, from the Oligocene to the present day, we had to endure the glacial periods of Biber (2,500,000 million years), Donau (1,800,000 million years),


 Gunz (1,100,000 million years)  and then the closest: Mandel, Riss and Würm. All this with respective interglacial periods, or warm situations most suitable to life as we know it today.

The variables of heat and warm periods according regimes that on the planet Earth were called: summer, autumn, winter and spring, as tolerable lifecycles for development of animal and plant life on land and sea as we know it today (catastrophism more or less), depending on the external stability or the Universe. These  glacial and interglacial cycles happened continuously until today as a rhythm that is also marked by the Fibonacci series, which in turn is linked to Φ. .Albert Einstein said from his scientistic atheism: “God does not play dice “.





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