Abracadabra or Hallelujah ! (part 1)



 In the way of the mandala “K” of Φ, appeared Tchow-Pfan-PFEI (not only for being the “Tchow”), but also because it is the most perfect harmony, because it consists of four rectangles Φ, notice the richness of the geometric figure. 

 In addition, as it is projected from this, even the “infinite” of Tchow, as a concept of movement (see our chapter Willin Maya or Pfan The Tchow-galactic-PFEI as representation).


Also see “Aesthetics” of Matila Ghyka, page 66 and Tchow-PFEI, Hindu treatise “Bhaskara”

Seeing one of the possible final results: the proto-swastika (Hindu Pre), we find this small tribute to the master Kandinsky (he knew where the lines of harmony passed).

Remember also that it was exclusive of  Renaissance, to work the art harmonic lines (like structure Φ-Bonacci). The man in the past, present, and in the future, shall understand that art and the work of us mortals, isn’t a science  or numerology, but simply trying to enlighten, demystified, the Divine Code.


Regarding the number 144,  Revelation refers to the 144,000 sealed or marked: (see  graphic “144,000 Wurm interglacial”), “and I heard the number of those mentioned: one hundred forty-four thousand marked from all the tribes of Israel, Apoc.” 7.4.


Are also 12 of each of the 12 tribes of Israel, that reminds of 12 x 12 of the succession of Φ-Bonacci = 144. It is only a guess but on the basis that everything that exists physically manifested, follows the Golden spiral and as it progresses in succession, the division between two successive numbers of the same approaching more to Φ (Phi-perfection). This is a way to measure the evolution of a system and its complexity. It must also take into account that now, humanity is on the verge of an evolutionary leap and if we take the human consciousness as a system (which evolves according to Φ-Bonacci), that evolutionary leap is towards 144, which appears as  sealed by God in the Bible, those that have managed to vibrate or evolve their consciousness up to 144.



This will make all the earth not only 144,000… and it is a message encrypted in the Temple of Solomon, if we calculate the volume of the building using these figures or the original, we get 60 x 20 x 120 = 144,000 cubic cubits. Here is a significant figure, because it is the number of the selected  who will be saved to the end of time according to the book of revelations, as well as a number related to the twelve tribes of Israel. As if this were not enough:…144 is the harmonic of the light at each pole, according to the adaptation of harmonics for planet Earth, given their orbital relationship with the Sun.

Moons that surround the outer edge the labyrinth of Chartres , marked by a circle of 144 “half Moons”, of which only two appear, in part, This suggests a symbolism of the maze reaffirmed by the seal of the Templar Knights, where there was a large crescent.



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