Mandala 1



It´s a Sanskrit term meaning “magic circle”. These are paintings of geometric character used for meditation and composed of a circle and a square radiating from a central point.

Jung interpreted them as the archetypal expression of the Self and Integrity. During analysis, there are often such images in dreams and drawings or paintings of the subject.

One of the principles of how the universe started  is the mandala “K”
of- Φ (Phi-Bonacci)

Loneliness is only absence of matter, the structure of facts , adding grains of sand to form geometric structures and laws that were probably the stairs with which angels came down from heaven.
One of the laws of “order” was Φ (Phi) and -the structuring line was Phi-Bonacci.


Here it is materialized as how from the point it went to the series and through its harmony forms a proto-swastika (within the mandala) obviously predates the Hindu, although they came from the sea as Oanes .
What would be significant is the design  of the mandala from the point (originator of Φ-Bonacci) to the materialization of the proto-.svástica through levorotatory or dextrorotatory Tchow but fundamentally representative of galactic spin , his interpreter harmonic of the Work, of the one who does not die.




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