The paradigm of the end of times, part 2


Knowing Athanasius Kircher’s (see biogra –Phi –es), a man of the renaissance and his theories about Kabbalah and angels.

Athanasius Kircher.          Rhone  1601 –  Rome 1680

 He studied humanities at the Jesuit College  Fulda, and later he entered the Society of Jesus.

 sciences, ethics and mathematics and the classical languages and  Hebrew 


Kircher published his first book (the Ars Magnesia, reporting his research on magnetism) in 1631. In 1661, Kircher discovered the ruins of a church said to have been constructed by Constantine on the site of Saint Eustace‘s vision of Jesus Christ in a stag’s horns. He raised money to pay for the church’s reconstruction as theSantuario della Mentorella, and his heart was buried in the church on his death.


We want to explicit or agree with the language of the measures with which we communicate, speaking the same technical language and then move on the series, progressions, scales and proportions. The latter being the true universal language.

In the book “The Search for the Perfect Language” by Umberto Eco, analyzing various historical attempts to create a language that is able to generate mechanically from the syntax, unambiguous notations not only to the existing series or proportions but for which may arise in the future, as shared language within the Multiverse.

Anyway, things are organized by God and “decoded” by men, this is: the children of God through the laws of proportion, cycles, sacred geometry and consequently materializing into harmony.



They will be told by heroes, and scientists will quantify them mathematically, so that “the commons” may understand them a little.)

Metric units  and the universe of scalar proportions born in the Holy Scriptures (Puranas), where “yugas” divine 12,000 years to make one turn Mahayuga contains 4,320,000 years of mortals. To have an approximate idea of ​​the infinite,  a thousand Mahayugas, like a kalpa is a day of Brahma, equivalent to 4.32 billion years of us, the “mortals”.


All this “sometimes” is transcribed by the Mayas in: Stela “D” Quiraguá (873,600,000 years), or in the wake of “F” Quiraguá (1,193,600,000 years), or in the inscriptions of Meghana (Mecham), with quotes from 25.6 billion Earth years or the equivalent of 1,000,000 precessions or citations Mukulman ruins of 10.24 billion Earth years, equivalent to 40,000 astral glaciations.
After these incommensurable magnitudes of time, dating from the works of our ancient ancestors, we walk in a more moderate and contemporary interpretation. 




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