Completing the “last symphonic poem”


We have to interpret the behavior of electromagnetic energy that affects the entire solar system and its planets, specifically through the heliosphere solar winds.


Wether these are protected by a “shield” as in Earth,  thus determining life (our life). Beyond recent and much later as presumptuous scientific knowledge on the subject, we should know what our ancient predecessors said.


The proto solar behavior information shows Tibetan monks using the “Dorje” It´s the same when the first Hindus placed in the hand of Buddha “the Vajra”. Both, Vajra or Dorje have the same meaning. They are transcendental religious tools that explain the whole solar corona cosmogony behavior and electromagnetic, signals, power and wisdom. Life in our glacier system is Sun dependent.


Another thing about the Vajra or Dorje. Despite the Tibetian and Hindu people´s age their religious symbolic tools, their  morphological knowledge of solar behavior arrived to the West weakened by distance and time, forgetting its true génesis


Fleur de lys is the partial representation of the power of the Sun and was  taken by the Merovingians as the symbol to show the power inherited of God.


 In the XII century, Louis VII, King of France adopted  it as the emblem of power in the French crown, the royal robes and everything meaningful as royal symbology: sceptres, for example.


So they claimed to be followers and representatives of divine energy. Do not forget that 50% of contemporary life on the planet depends on the Sun radiation (photosyntesis) and 50% on the. electromagnetic radiation.


The Planet, has been formed with different catastrophisms: geological, spacial, metheorycal events where the only common thread is the  sequence of periodic cycles..

As a principle of order. we must incorporate one of the most famous: the “equinoccial precession” which repeats every 25,920 years. These are temporary macro modules, but there are longer cycles: 250 millions years.. It is the time in which our solar system (as a part of a galaxy: the Milky Way) with a quasi-infinite universe of billions of galaxies, completes its rotation around the Cirio constellation.





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