I first read Paul Gallez in an article: “The tail of the dragon.”

This is his story.:.

Claudius Ptolemeus, circa 170 AD,  produced a world map, when obviously there was no comprehensive mapping. 


The Ptolemaic world map, had many versions, but there is one that is the most relevant. Everything is there.  It included the most distant and unknown parts of the world, that were then, obviously, the Americas. 

It took  another 1400 years to be officially “discovered”.
Paul Gallez explained the topography, names, and mainly introduced me to the real world of power at the time. Having the secret map, meant power, access to gold, Atlantic (American side for those pseudo Europeans, the phoenicians) and Pacific side, Sinus Magnum (at that time) for the great chines admiral, Zeng Hu
The teacher marked on the map Cattígara port, in Ecuador, in the visual axis with the Chimborazo, output port of American wealth: gold, silver, wood, carried by boats called giant treasure ships, which arrived  burdened with Tibetan and Laotian slaves that  were left on the coasts of Peru and Bolivia, returning with the precious metals “cargo”. 


Obviously,  America was prediscovered and remained unmentioned to exploit its secret treasures.
P. Gallez showed his discoveries on the Ptolemaic maps, such as: the entire American hydrography in the time of Christ, not only the Amazon or Orinoco or Rio de la Plata rivers that are macro, (for any proto cartographer it was easy to locate them,) but to place in the maps the Negro River, the Colorado River, the Rio Chubut, etc, . was not an easy thing.
All this was remarkable for the time.
The map clearly showed the Tierra del Fuego, the jewel in the crown. That was the dragon tail around the proto map. E (6 )by (7)ImagenImagen
Not to mention the Atlantic, where the proto Argonauts  or Phoenicians  sailed through the South West current to return to the Antillean arc  of the eastern North Sea,.



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