The process to keep the Talassophobia´s secret was to have sailors from the Nepalese plateau used as ballast.

It’s a curious coincidence that the Aymara people of Bolivia emerged practically from nowhere.


They came as ballast in the”gold”  travels and in the  return voyage, the human ballast was replaced by the precious metal. The captain and his two assistants sea were “isolated” or they had their tongues cut and their eyes burned.

Yesterday and nowadays, gold prevails and dominates the world. To preserve the access key to wealth and power,  the sacred maps and the ways to decode them were kept in absolute secrecy.


The predatory ships that came from the Pacific Ocean were the famous ships of great Zheng He, captain of the largest fleet of junks that sailed the Sinus Magnum (Pacific) aptly called the ships of treasure, five times larger than the contemporary european ships.



American wealth was incalculable. Not only Cortez and Pizarro, “passed the rake”, but their previous looters took care of cities like Caral, which held an antiquity of 5000 years BC

We were the backyard where the pseudo civilized countries impoverished our wealth with the utmost secrecy as accomplice.

This brief synopsis is necessary because the power and secrets of the proto cartographers was inmense. The precursors were: Eratosthenes of Cyrene, and his map trans-Saharan Herodotus, Strabo and Pomponius Mela Anaximander, to name just a few. The real proto cartographers followed.

Other side of the story are the Phoenician travels from African ports, similarly used black people as “ballast.” Taking the south equatorial current, they visited Venta and San Lorenzo, and reached almost automatically the Amazon, sailed to Iquitos, leaving  previously  testimony at Pedra Vermellha.  Truth is that it was always gold, the same fate, the same desire, the same profit, the same quest for power, the same wars, the same death that now, but never told. Tongues, eyes, maps,  the same secret.


The historical narrative has poor memory and the original sin has been told in a state of cowardice rather looking for the truth.

Then came the Treaty of Tordesillas and the bull that ended the American dispute between Portuguese and Spanish, and  therefore  allowed the secrecy and  the continuous steal of wealth.

The framers of those power tools were Cosmas Indico Pleustes, Alexander Marino, Marinus of Tyre, Al Qazwini, al-Khwarizmi, Claudius Ptolemy, Martellus Germanus, Piris Reis and Paul Gallez.


3 comentarios en “TALASSOPHOBIA 2º part.

  1. Dear Madam, Sir,
    I’m in charge of the archives for a French documentary series. Do you know where the still of Zheng He comes from and who has the rights for it? Thank you very much in advance. With best wishes, Barbara

    • Dear Barbara
      We apologize for the delay in answering you, but we were away in november.
      The sources of information on Hu Zhen (or Zhen He), the Grand Commander of the treasure ships are described more fully in our blog in Spanish:
      Phi-ladecodificacion universal.blogspot.com
      in the chapter: Cattigara and the thalassophobia.
      The beginning of this investigation, comes from my direct relationship with one of the great Americanists: Paul Gallez (from Belgium).
      Other precursors of the link-America Rest of the world such as Dick Ybarra Grasso, Barry Fell, Gustavo Vargas Martinez, Flinders Petrie and Christopher Dunn.
      The relation with Paul Gallez is described in this chapter of the blog where the focus is centered in Cattigara.
      In the blog you will find the maps of Claudius Ptolomeus (170 BC), who anticipated the story.
      We also describe the unknown voyages through the Sinus Magum .
      The concept of ” discontinuous knowledge ” between dynasties of ancient China, severed the transmission. Thereof the story was little known .
      Other important source is the british atomic sub marinist Gavin Menzies . Most of the sources are connected with the secrets of thalassophobia .
      But the final reason is that gold from 3000 BC in the Atlantic basin was extracted by the Phoenicians through the Amazon from Iquitos.
      Other oriental hands : Arab merchants with Chinese patrons, drew american gold from Cattigara. Zhen He, was a product of greed and Chinese technology.
      As is developed in the chapter, the epic was that those ships were at least three times the size of Colon caravels.
      This is how the architectural traces of it can be found in Eastern Mayan , Olmec and Aztec civilizations. They were more advanced in their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, probably transmitted by Arab and Chinese in exchange for the rxpoliation .
      In this context, the traffic and the adventures of Zhen He are explained .
      Unluckily, this knowledge has limited distribution.
      We hope that although this information maybe incomplete, will help you with your research. We would like to keep on touch with you.
      We recommend reading the entire blog
      There you will find the origin of other scarcely known themes as the Vajra or Dorje, the Tchou Pfan Fei or the leading figure of the origin of the universe: Phi, Φ, 1.618033, the number of God.
      …. we send you our best wishes for 2014, too.


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