(Dedicated to Paul Gallez, the belgian master who tought me the secrets of the subject.)

In ancient times, the handling of power by fear, specially  about the unknown, was used to enforce a government, to reaffirm mythical dogmas. One of the most famous, was referred to the largest  known area: the ocean.cattiraga1
Its name  was: Talassophobia or terror to sail into the sea.
This was a “terror of cult”, while dragons, smoking snakes, as well as the famous Krack, all served to alienate the seas´ adventurerswishing to search for treasures or conquer land.


Everything, tended to  frightening lie to encourage.talassophobia
This fact was constant and timeless.
Why ?  Because the secret source of supply of precious metals: gold, silver, copper, was America, the “undiscovered” land.
America has two coasts through which its protodiscoverers secretly plundered the riches
Cattigara,in the coast of Ecuador, was already included on the world maps of Claudius Ptolemeus, 170 AD  This “anchoring” at the foot of Chimborazo,  the second peak of Americas¨Andes, acting as a lighthouse  was a  reference to the wealth seekers, for those who from the last earth known : Java, taking the equatorial countercurrent landed into the land of promise. This was the systematic wealth provision . That was the secret  to  be preserved.

The rulers of that time, Arab or Chinese, kept the secret paths and maps.They also kept , (as I´ll show later in the maps of Cosmas Indico  Pleustes) the routes that  were hidden  through Sacred Geometry secret keys.
The mines beyond Cattigara were of such wealth, that the premise was that the sailors wouldn´t return , to avoid that other reigns  could adquire the  knowledge that meant power.
The story of 1,000 years BC is the same nowadays .

(to be continued)

36 cattiraga15



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